Introductions: Michael Spagnuolo

Hello world, my name is Michael Spagnuolo. When The Maker Spot opens, I will be one of the smiling faces from the North Richland Hills Library inside The Maker Spot hopefully making extraordinary things and helping you make extraordinary things. I’ve worked in the NRH Library for seven years and have never been more excited for anything at the library. ‚ÄčLibraries and Literature have become my passions as I fell in love with words more than numbers, but earlier in my life I had a burning interest in science and technology.

Back then, I competed in C++ programming contests and AutoCAD competitions. I spent two years with the Haltom High School Robotics Team. Both years we competed in the BEST (Boosting Engineering, Science and Technology) robotics competition. In BEST, each team starts with an identical box of parts. From that box of parts each team builds a robot to compete with other robots built by other teams through a set game. You can imagine the competition like Battle Bots, but friendlier. Instead of dodging saw blades we had wooden switches to flip, and instead of flames to roll through we had ramps.

Through Haltom Robotics I was also able to participate in the Lapis III project with NASA. The project had High school students team up with NASA scientists to explore problems with sending a rover to Mars. Our team was in charge of Martian rock collecting.

I remember these experiences as fun, creative romps with technology, and hope to bring similar experiences to The Maker Spot. I am excited in reigniting the maker lying dormant in me, and hope to ignite the creativity of everyone who visits The Maker Spot.

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