A Few Small Updates

If you’ve taken a look at our events calendar lately then you will know that library staff have been busy getting things ready to open The Maker Spot in August. There are a few things that we have been working on that we would like to share:

  • There are now updated pictures of the space on the home page slider
  • The floor plan available for download has been updated to reflect the current layout of the space
  • A list of specific equipment (and resources for each piece of equipment) is now up on the Equipment & Layout page
  • A list of furniture that is being used in The Maker Spot has been added
  • A list of the software and online services that we are using for The Maker Spot has been added
  • A help sheet for our MaKey MaKey kit has been published to the Documentation area

We are very excited about all of this progress and can’t wait until the day we open!

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