Long Arm Class Cancellation List & Re-Training Policy

Long Arm Class Cancellation List

We are so excited to finally announce yet another way we are hoping to alleviate the demand for our free Long Arm Quilting Machine classes. Occasionally a single spot will open up in Long Arm class and rather than send out an email to our list of over 1,000 subscribers or leave the spot empty, The Maker Spot staff would like to invite patrons interested in taking the Long Arm class to add their name to an official cancellation list. In the event that a spot opens up in a Long Arm class, the first person on the list will be contacted to see if they are available to take the spot.

Because we have created this list, we are also encouraging any patrons registered for the class who know at least 24 hours in advance that they will not be able to use their spot to call us and cancel so that we can fill the spot with someone from the cancellation list.

The Maker Spot staff will contact patrons by phone and will not leave a message. If no answer is received, staff will move on to the next patron on the list. You will keep your spot on the list if you do not answer. If you do answer and are able to attend a class, your name will be removed from the list. The Maker Spot staff will not call any patrons on the cancellation list if a spot opens up less than one hour before the class is due to start.

Being added to this list does not guarantee a spot in any class and registration for classes will still occur via the events calendar each month. Patrons must add themselves to the list; Library and/or The Maker Spot staff will direct all patrons to the online form.

Please visit themakerspot.org/cancellation to add your name to the list.

We hope that this list will help us to keep all of our classes full so that we can continue to train as many people as possible to use our Long Arm Quilting machine.


We have also made a small revision to The Maker Spot Usage Policy to include information on re-training. Because we are a public space, we have patrons of all skill levels coming in to use our equipment. We try our best to educate everyone equally in our free training classes, but some of our patrons may need to take the class again after they demonstrate a lack of knowledge in how to operate our equipment. Because we have noticed that some of our users may need more training in order to operate the equipment safely, we have added the following paragraph about re-training to our policy:

“Makers may temporarily lose equipment access and require retraining on equipment if they: 1. Cause the equipment to be out of service; 2. Do not follow the equipment usage guidelines; 3. Demonstrate a lack of the basic knowledge required to use the equipment. Makers may lose their equipment access if retraining is required more than one time per piece of equipment.”

Please make sure to review the Operating Guidelines for any piece of equipment that you use, The Maker Spot Usage Policy and General Safety Guidelines. You can also find the user’s manual and additional resources for any major piece of equipment by visiting our Equipment page and then clicking on the name of the equipment you want to learn more about. We are happy to provide free access to all of the equipment in the space, but we will be working harder to hold users accountable for knowing how to operate our equipment according to the way they were instructed in the class.

As always, we welcome your feedback on anything that we are doing in the space and we hope to see you soon!

6 thoughts on “Long Arm Class Cancellation List & Re-Training Policy

  1. Carol Underwood

    I would like to suggest that the library get a fabric cutter with several dies for the Maker Spot. The quilters would love to have one. We could call it Mac (Mac The Knife).

    • Christine Evans Post author

      Hi Carol,
      Thanks for the suggestion! We will add this to our wishlist. When we receive a donation or grant we will evaluate our community’s need for a fabric cutter, our available space and staff training needs to decide if we would like to purchase one.

  2. Liane Powers

    Would like to have a cancellation list for use of the longarm quilter or have more than a 7 day notice so we don’t have to check every day. A month to month calendar would be more convenient. I have taken the class and the review class. Would like an opportunity to use before these lessons have to be reviewed again.
    Thank you!

    • Christine Evans Post author

      Hi Liane,
      Thank you for your comments. We operate on a 7-day calendar so that one person does not have the opportunity to monopolize the time on any one piece of equipment. Hopefully the new calendar will make it easier to see the gaps in time available on Lucy, which we have been having more of, than the old calendar was. The new calendar is now live and available for reservations after September 1st, if you would like to check it out and make a reservation.


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