Updates to Reservations and Policies

We hope that you’ve had a good summer–ours has been very busy! It was so exciting to see all of the things that you have made this summer and to welcome so many new faces into the space. In addition to hosting lots of summer programs and classes, we have made a few updates. Here is a summary of the changes we have made.

New Reservation System

As of September 1st, we will be transitioning to a new reservation scheduling system that we think will greatly improve the reservation experience for our users. As of September 1st, no reservations will be able to be made in the old system so we will be updating our website shortly with the new software so that you can continue to reserve equipment. Here is a screenshot of what the reservation system looks like on the user side:


There are a few things that are different with this new system:

  • All users will have to create a login to manage their reservations. You will now be able to cancel or reschedule your own reservations and creating reservations will be easy since all of your information will be stored in our system.
  • You can see the available time on each machine. The admin side of our old software looked very similar to this, but our users were often frustrated with the guessing game that they had to play trying to find an available time slot. Now you can easily see when a machine is in use or when it is available and schedule your time accordingly.
  • Reservation limits are imposed. Our old system didn’t have any way to limit the number of reservations per week that a user gets to make, as per our Equipment Reservations Policy, but this new software does. Each user will be limited to two reservations per week across all of the equipment. If you would like to use any of the equipment more than two times per week (and you are welcome to) you will just have to walk-in at an available time.
    The same limit of not being able to reserve more than a week in advance will also still be imposed in the new software.
    Another new limit that this software will have is that reservations can not be added or deleted within one hour of the reservation start time. This helps our staff by preventing any last minute changes that they may not notice. If you need to cancel or change your reservation less than an hour in advance, please give us a call.
  • Time slots are the same for all equipment. You will now just have to select the amount of time you would like (1, 2, 3 or 4 hours) and the machine you would like to use. Please be thoughtful when scheduling your time slot so that you do not select more time than you need. When you do this and then finish early, other patrons may not realize they have the chance to use the equipment, even though it is available. Please note that you will be able to schedule back to back reservations in the system as you could in the old one, but that these two reservations will count as your two reservations for the week.

We don’t anticipate any huge trouble transitioning to this new system, but there are always bumps with new software, so your patience is appreciated while we get everything working smoothly.

New Policies & Procedures

We have also made a few minor changes to some policies that will hopefully improve everyone’s experience in the space and help us to become more self-sufficient and sustain our same level of service for many more years.

We have updated The Maker Spot Usage Policy to reflect the following changes:

  • Age guidelines in the policy were adjusted to mirror procedures that staff have adapted and are currently using in regards to makers ages 13-16.
  • Makers must pay all fees at the time The Maker Spot equipment and services are used. Makers may not carry a balance of TMS fees; if a maker has an outstanding balance of TMS fees they must pay the balance in full before using equipment. Failure to pay TMS fees at time of use may result in the loss of privileges. To accompany this new policy change, all TMS fees will be recorded in your Library account.

All of our current fees are available for you to browse on our website. Please be familiar with our fees before consuming materials in the space. The fees that we charge for consumables help us to continue to provide materials for everyone and are calculated on a non-profit cost-recovery model. We have the ability to estimate your final fees before you use consumables, so please ask our staff to help you with this before getting started.

The Maker Spot Equipment Reservations Policy has been updated to reflect the following changes:

  • Failure to arrive for a reservation within 30 minutes of the reservation time may result in a cancellation of the reservation and the equipment will be made available to other Makers.
  • Makers must not have any outstanding The Maker Spot fees or Library fines in excess of $24.99.
  • We also adjusted some wording that was not in line with our actual procedures that take place in the space.

We hope that you agree that these changes will benefit everyone and improve our users’ overall experience in the space. We are energized for the future of the space and our staff recently held a strategic planning session to outline our goals and objectives for the next year. The things we have planned are exciting, different and will help us to not only optimize our current staff involvement with the space but to encourage the involvement of our community.

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