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We haven’t had an update for many months, and that’s a good thing! In our case ‘no news’ was certainly ‘good news’. But lately, we have been having an issue with those who have registered for a class not showing up, so we are introducing a standby list.

In the same way that you would be on standby at the airport, we are putting 5 people on standby for our most popular classes so that we can almost guarantee that they will be full. Previously we had raised our class limit to combat the average 20% of no-shows we usually have for each class, but we have a need to take that to the next step.

Not only are our classes taught by paid Library staff but some are taught by unpaid volunteers who can get really disappointed if they show up to teach and we present them with an empty classroom. We know that there are many of you anxious to get into a class because our registration usually fills up within the first week of the month. So we hope that by creating a standby list we can continue to educate as many people as we have in the past while ensuring that everyone who wants to be in a class has the opportunity to attend.

Here are the details about standby:

  • Once general admission has sold out for a class, our standby list will automatically activate. It may be called a ‘waitlist’ but we are treating it as standby. Only 5 people will be on standby for each class.
  • All of our classes will have a standby list except for our long arm classes. We already have a protocol in place for filling these classes at the last minute and that will stay the same.
  • When you are on standby you are not guaranteed entrance to the class. You are simply invited to be ‘standing by’ in the space if a registered attendee does not show up.
  • You should make plans to attend this class at the date and time it is being held and bring any required materials for the class.
  • Patrons on standby will be invited into the class in the order that they were added to the standby list.


Even though we are implementing a standby list, we still encourage you to call the space if you are registered for a class and you know you won’t be able to attend. This gives others the opportunity to participate and helps increase the stats of the space, which keeps our doors open.

As always, thank you for coming and using the space. We hope you have as much fun in here as we do!

4 thoughts on “Please Standby

    • Christine Post author

      Hi Marisa,
      Each individual class will have its own list. When the class registration is full it will automatically open up the standby list. Where you would normally see a ‘Register’ button will say something like ‘Add Me to the Waitlist’ or something similar.

      Hope this helps!

  1. mark

    The standby list isn’t working… when I click on the STANDBY LIST under the event (aug. 16, 2017 3d printer) it takes me to this page.. which is information ABOUT the standby list.. but not the actual list. How do I really get on the standby list ?

    • Christine Post author

      Hi Mark,
      When each particular class is full, instead of a button saying ‘Register’ the button will read ‘Add to Wait List’. If the waitlist/standby list is full, the event will just say sold out. The service we are using calls this feature a ‘wait list’, but we will be using it as a standby list as described in the post. We are sorry for any confusion and hope this helps.


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