Lucy is Going Solo

In our bi-weekly staff meetings The Maker Spot staff is always talking about ways to grow the space and continue to make it the best experience possible for our users. One of the topics consistently discussed is our beloved long arm quilting machine affectionately known as Lucy. We have worked in the past to make our classes more accessible so that we can train as many people as possible to use the machine. We added a cancellation list, trained a volunteer instructor and increased the frequency and variety of times that classes are available.


Because all of these things have allowed us to train more people, there is now a higher than ever demand to actually use the machine. In order to be equitable in the usage of the machine, the limitations on using Lucy are being changed. So that the calendar will handle the management of these new limitations without staff intervention, we have had to create a new calendar specifically for Lucy reservations.

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Please Standby

We haven’t had an update for many months, and that’s a good thing! In our case ‘no news’ was certainly ‘good news’. But lately, we have been having an issue with those who have registered for a class not showing up, so we are introducing a standby list. Read More →

Trying to Get Into a Long Arm Class?

It’s the first day of the month and at The Maker Spot that means registration for our March events is open! Unfortunately, over the last few months, it also means it is our highest complaint day. Luckily, our complaints are about how popular our Long Arm Quilting Machine classes are and not something more serious. In response to strong community interest, we realized that it is time to communicate with all of our users about what we are doing to resolve this matter. Read More →

Coming Soon: Expanded Hours!

About a month or so ago we asked all of our users to take a quick hours survey for us to see if expanding our opening hours was something that was really desired by the majority of our users or just a vocal minority. We are happy to say that we have examined the results of the survey and have found that a majority of our users really would like expanded hours. Read More →