Furniture in The Maker Spot

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3D Printing Area
Chairs (IKEA Vilgot Chairs, Now Discontinued)

Soft Crafts Area
Sewing Tables
Chairs (IKEA Vilgot Chairs, Now Discontinued)
Storage Cabinets with Baskets
Fabric Cutting Table

Electronics & Robotics Area
ESD (ElectroStatic Discharge) Benches
ESD Stools
Wooden Work Bench
Wooden Top, Metal Legs Work Bench
Storage Cabinet 1 & 2
22 Bin Storage Bin Holder

A/V Production Area
Long Desk
Corner Desk with Legs
Chairs (IKEA Vilgot Chairs, Now Discontinued)

Training Area
Foldable Tables (Purchased in Blue-Grey)
Stackable Chairs
Collapsible Screen (120″)

Collaboration & Lounge Areas
Couch (Purchased in a tufted faux leather) with Legs
Coffee Table

Staff Areas
Storage Cabinets (with Doors)
Storage Cabinets (without Doors)
The hostess stand that staff use was custom built by a staff member from another City department

Rolling White Boards
Sign/Brochure Holders 1, 2 & 3
Laptop Storage & Charging Cart
Wire Storage Racks
Storage Bins 1 & 2