Using Pantographs with the Long Arm Quilting Machine

Learn the basics of using the pantograph with the long arm quilting machine. To register for this class, you must have taken the Long Arm Quilting class and have passed the test.  All class attendees must have an NRH or NTLC member library card in good standing. Please read The Maker Usage Policy for more information. All attendees must complete a Maker Agreement before attending the class. This class is open to those 17 years old and older.

Attendees must have taken and passed the Long Arm Quilting class as well as basic sewing and quilting knowledge. This class will teach only how to use the pantographs, not how to create a quilt.

Please arrive early to the class so that it can begin on time.

In this class you will learn:

  • Learn to position a pantograph
  • How to use pantograph for borders
  • How to use pantograph for the whole quilt